Dear Diary, When I was a little kid I used to write short stories all the time. I’d grab several sheets of paper, staple them together and create my own book. Originally, I wrote to tell my stories. Now I write to tell the stories of others. Writing stories or writing in general is a passion of mine. A passion that really snuck up on me. I always enjoyed writing but never thought of it as a career path. Before college I wasn’t sure what path to follow. I thought, “I like both the medical field and art. I’ll take a class in each and decide which one I’m more interested in.” It turns out dissecting pigs isn’t my forte. When I became a part of Webster University, Advertising wasn’t my first choice. Thankfully, it didn’t take me long to figure out that I wanted to write. I knew I could come up with solid plans for clients through my writing. Although I crave the ability for design, I paint a different picture. So, I stuck to my creative ideas and just wrote conversational pieces and did my best with catchy phrases. Thus, the passion was born. I’ve finally made it down to writing. I have so many interests in the communications and business world that I plan to explore all my options. I love to learn and will go back to school someday to get another degree. I love to learn and I will spend my time learning from others as long as I can. In the end diary, all I want to do is be creative, whether that path leads me to be a designer, a business woman, a writer, or all of the above. Rachel