Daniel is a business and marketing professional with 20 years experience building valued brands across a variety of industries with a B2B & B2C focus, locally and internationally. 

A passion for start-ups and all things tech, Daniel’s objectives are to drive value through integrated marketing solutions, strengthening core brand values whilst ultimately driving business growth within organisations. 

Daniel is currently responsible for the global revenue of 90 Seconds a Sequoia backed company and the world’s cloud video creation platform.  “Video and the art of storytelling has never been more important for brands as the media landscape continues to fragment.  Working with brands to scale their content across the globe is a very exciting and rewarding challenge to solve, and one that requires not only people power but also sophisticated technology”.

Daniel is a hands on business leader with a “roll up the sleeves” attitude in order to deliver successful business outcomes. Successful start ups rely on forward thinking, creative insight and the ability to adapt and embrace change.