A marketer with a passion for integrating the real world with all things digital, I've delivered hyper-growth for some of the world's fastest growing companies. After 16 years client-side, I took the leap to help set up Marketing Cube in NZ in 2016 and I'm now delighted to work with some of NZ's most successful brands, creating exceptional customer experiences that deliver to the bottom line. 

While I'm a commercial marketer at the core, I don't believe this needs to come at the expense of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. And, with consumers and employees demanding more, aligning your brand to a broader purpose and staying true to your values just makes good business sense. In 2010, I founded Dara Children's Trust, an Australian and NZ registered charity that supports poverty stricken communities in Cambodia. In 2016, we set up the Stellar Foundation which trains and employs parents of children in our education projects.