Reed Berglund brings more than eight years of digital marketing leadership to his role as CEO of FullBottle, the audience discovery engine. Since 2013, he has led FullBottle's U.S. launch, expanded the company's footprint to over 15 million unique visitors worldwide, with an $8 million run rate, while creating long-term relationships with media and brand powerhouses including McDonalds, Hasbro, and Nintendo.

Previously, Berglund was VP of sales for Miniclip America, where he led all marketing and business development activity and built a youth ad network with more than 17 million unique visitors across online and mobile games. Prior to Miniclip America, he was director of sales at Betawave, an "attention-based" digital media company that focused on audience time and engagement – measured by minutes of consumer attention and led by Matt Freeman, partner at Bain Capital.


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