Peter Stougaard, Co-Founder, ActivateTV /  Marketing Consultant / Digital Solutions: Design & Development 

Peter Stougaard is an accomplished creative advertising executive with a striking history of blockbuster campaigns under his belt. As SVP of 20th Century Fox from 2000 to 2011, Stougaard was a part of the most successful motion picture marketing team in the past decade. He has worked closely with talent, agents, filmmakers and studio executives to distill each film into a single marketing icon for up to 25 movies simultaneously, including “Xmen,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” “Cast Away,” “Moulin Rouge,” “Ice Age,” “Cheaper By The Dozen,” “Minority Report,” “The Day After Tomorrow,” “Walk the Line,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Borat,” “Night at the Museum,” “The Simpson’s Movie,” and James Cameron’s “Avatar” to name a few.


As the key creative executive from Fox, Stougaard was involved with the debut of Clear-Channel’s digital billboard network in Los Angeles. These programs ran exclusively prior to any other advertiser using the outdoor network.


Stougaard was entrenched in entertainment early on as one of DreamWorks' first hires where he headed all creative/product development for their consumer products division. He was responsible for building the brands and interfacing with every major retailer to translate DreamWorks properties into successful retail programs. Stougaard developed the first digital style guide for a major motion picture – “Men In Black,” which included pioneering a user-interface allowing licensees to easily navigate digital assets to develop consumer products, at a time when computer graphics was at its infancy.


Prior to DreamWorks, Stougaard worked as a lead creative director for BLT & Associates designing theatrical key art for every major movie studio and for Sagon-Phior, where he helped develop campaigns launching Fox Broadcasting, American Movie Classics, Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) and licensed film and television properties.


Most recently, Stougaard is the co-founder of ActivateTV – a Facebook interactive television platform that transforms any video into a social game. He is also consulting with many agencies and studios on traditional/digital marketing campaigns and application design and development.




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