As the head of digital media at State Farm Insurance Companies, Matt Johnson leads all digital advertising for one of the largest advertisers in the U.S. This includes SEM, display for branding and DR, mobile, cross-platform digital sponsorship, and contributions to SEO strategic direction. Since joining State Farm, Johnson has driven tremendous improvements in the company's digital marketing, generating record highs in online traffic, mobile calls, digital quotes, and online sales. In addition to generating efficiency, he has created increased brand favorability and purchase intent among consumers through exciting integrated digital programs around sports, gaming, music, lifestyle content, and video. Under his leadership, State Farm has been recognized for innovations such as groundbreaking second-screen experiences, response to national catastrophes, video gaming, unique mobile campaigns, content integration, and podcasting sponsorship.


Johnson joined State Farm in January of 2011 after 10 years of digital media experience. He started his career working in search engine marketing and search engine optimizing for dotcom start-ups in Orange County, Calif. He spent several years working in digital media at both digital and traditional media agencies, most recently with Starcom and Initiative in Los Angeles, where he managed the video game advertising practice.


Johnson has planned digital media for numerous brands, including Walt Disney Studios, Dr Pepper, Best Western, Mitsubishi, Pixar, Carl's Jr., Hardee's, Disney Channel, Sunkist, Snapple, Mott's, Lehman Brothers, Trader Joe's, and several more. His career highlights include placing the very first ad on YouTube, facilitating the first film title to use a social media page as its official movie page, and executing the largest DLC Sponsorship in history of video gaming.



Johnson received his B.A. in Marketing from St. John's University at the Tobin College of Business in New York City. He is a native of Southern California and has been married to his wife, Pilar, for 13 years. He is a father of four, Boy Scout leader, gamer, avid NFL fan, obsessive podcast listener, and enthusiast of root beer, slip-on Vans, Martinelli's, and fish tacos.

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