Alison Provost is founder, Chairman and CEO of TouchStorm. Alison is a born leader. From her commanding presence to her ability to affect change, Alison exudes leadership at every turn. Alison has a knack for attracting people who are at the top of their careers, whose collective experience shines into every perspective of effective marketing, and are looking for the freedom to innovate.  Through her latest venture, TouchStorm, her vision is to revolutionize the online editorial video industry as we know it by enabling brands nationwide to reach their target consumers online in relevant, meaningful way.

Alison started her career as a concert promoter (Nederlander Organization) and a TV news producer (NBC). After pioneering the radio industry for 17 years, in 1993 Alison started her first business, a consulting firm that helped broadcasters attract new revenues from non-traditional sources.  After that company became one of the largest and best-known consulting firms in the radio industry, she sold it to industry leader AM/FM in early 1998.  It was there she was appointed both Senior VP of the broadcast group and CEO of Chancellor Marketing Group, the newly-named agency division she created.  She consolidated all of the marketing services outfits she started as a consultant into one super-company, devised a growth plan, and in two years, with a management team alongside her, built the agency to $60M in net revenues and a Top 15 ranking on the Promo 100 listing.  In late 2000, during AM/FM’s merger with Clear Channel Communications, Alison engineered a lift-out, to bring the company back to private ownership. She renamed it PowerPact, an employee owned company, and made sure the agency excelled at the disciplines that could deliver measurable promotion results for Fortune 500 clients. In 2008, PowerPact holdings announced the launch of TouchStorm, a digital media company and pioneer in online editorial video.

Alison is active in Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide, a group of global agency CEOs, and in the Virginia Council of CEOs. She’s been a featured speaker at numerous industry conferences and writes for various trade publications. She’s committed to the breast cancer cause and, in 2006, gave most of her time to finishing the memoirs of PowerPact client Soraya, a Grammy-winning Latin pop star who lost her life to the disease at 37. All proceeds from the book, Soraya: A Life of Music, a Legacy of Hope, go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.


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