Mark Kroese is the general manager and founder of the Advertising Business Group within Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division. He oversees the advertising infrastructure that spans across games, music, video and mobile communications and brings forth compelling advertising solutions to marketers interested in extending their brands to a broad and highly-engaged audience.

Having spent more than 25 years fully-immersed in the disciplines of advertising, marketing, and product management, Kroese brings a holistic approach to the advertising strategy within the Entertainment & Devices Division. He is laser-focused on expanding and connecting the interactive advertising inventories that live inside Xbox® and Games for Windows® gaming platforms, Zune® portable entertainment devices and services, Windows Mobile devices, services and applications, Microsoft® TV technologies and Microsoft® Surface computers while ensuring the integrity of the consumer experience.
Kroese started his career in account management with Chiat Day advertising, and eventually moved to the client-side, at Microsoft.  In 2004, he was named the General Manager of Product Management for Microsoft’s online services division, which includes the MSN Network, Windows Live services, and adCenter - Microsoft’s digital advertising platform.  During this time he became fascinated with technology’s potential for connecting advertisers with audiences in the context of digital media.

Mark graduated from the University of Washington.

Summits Attended

iMedia Breakthrough Summit

Engaging Customers with Authority