With over 12 years in the automotive industry, Ryan has spent the past several years spearheading e-commerce development at Kia Motors America. As the North American Internet and Mobile Marketing Manager, he is a passionate and vocal proponent for using the latest mobile technology to create engaging consumer experiences, helping to transform brand perceptions and drive vehicle sales.


Personally involved in developing cutting-edge iPad apps, tablet and mobile websites, Ryan’s accomplishments at Kia include developing the first rich-media display advertisement for Android smart phones, launching the first corporate e-commerce mobile website (which increased sales leads by 150 percent), as well as launching the first tablet-specific website in the automotive industry. He also proudly sits on a Global Internet Marketing Committee responsible for providing strategic consultation to Kia Motors distributors all across the world.


In addition to overseeing Kia’s mobile marketing campaigns, Ryan has been responsible for the strategy, development, deployment, launch and administration of Kia’s first Internet lead program. Over the course of four years, this ambitious program has increased eLead volume by over 180 percent, eLead sales by over 335 percent, and the eLead close rate by over 82.5 percent. During his time at the helm, Ryan also launched Kia’s first ongoing/monthly direct mail and email marketing program designed to target existing customers, prospects and conquests.


Before joining Kia’s mobile and marketing efforts, Ryan’s successful career in the automotive industry included five years with American Suzuki Motor Corporation, where he played an integral role on a variety of high-profile programs and initiatives — including sales training, sales and product planning, and financial analysis.


Ryan holds an MBA in Business Administration from Concordia University in Irvine, and a BA in Marketing Management and International Business from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. He currently resides with his wife and their two children in Yorba Linda, California.


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