Poptent (www.poptent.net) is a social network dedicated to crowdsourcing video, connecting top brand advertisers and advertising agencies with more than 65,000 independent video creators across the US and more than 140 other countries. Poptent's marketing and social networking professionals work with clients to develop high quality commercials and other video assets at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods for both online and offline use. Brands who "Poptent" their videos get the benefit of reviewing numerous video executions, then choosing the perfect videos for their needs. Poptent creators benefit through the industry networking and other resources available to them at Poptent, and by having their work seen, reviewed and potentially purchased by leading brands and ad agencies. Founded in 2007, Poptent's principal offices are in Southern California and suburban Philadelphia, with regional sales offices in New York, Chicago, and other key US markets.