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I’m a storyteller. I’ve been telling stories on traditional media and new media or online media or whatever you prefer to call the Interwebs since I was 15. I do a lot more than just tell stories through media. I plan how those stories are going to be distributed, the exact wording, the platform, the target audience. I analyze how effective online posts and campaigns have been. And I use a lot of technology to make sure the stories I post, the podcasts and videos I produce, the Tweets and Snaps and Status Updates I churn out reach the right people at the right time when they’re in the right place. 

I’ve been fortunate to have had a career in Online and Social Media, content creation and broadcasting that spans five decades and almost every form of media. I’ve been operating Mark Edwards Worldwide, the multi disciplinary media consultancy, since 2007 to work with selected clients on Social Media, Online Presence, Website Creation and Management, Podcast and Video Production and Distribution, SEO, SEM, and Content Creation projects. Mark Edwards Worldwide has worked on Public Relations and Media Relations projects, Crisis Communications, and many Branded Content/Content Marketing projects as well. If a brand or person needs to have a story told, Mark Edwards Worldwide can help do it. Until the company shut down in August of 2016, I was deeply involved with development of the next generation in music streaming services with CÜR Media, applying my skills to both the technical and content creation aspects of the business. It was a tremendous experience in the Startup world. 

My clients have used me in multiple roles, from Account Management to one-time consulting, and I pride myself on giving them assistance tailored to their exact needs. I’ve also been called on to do usability and functional testing of new software and products, many of which you probably use almost every day. Something I’ve created or helped develop lives on almost every communications platform in the online and broadcast spaces. And I like to share the new things I learn on the New Media Newsfeed, a constantly updated collection of the latest in Online Marketing and Tech news. 

All of this started in broadcasting. I spent over 25 years leading top radio stations including WLIT/Chicago, KOSI/Denver, KZPT in Kansas City, KYKY, KEZK, and WVRV in St. Louis and more. I helped introduce radio to the Web with one of the first websites for a radio station in 1992 and pioneering work in social media, online marketing, and multi-platform branding that has helped make me well known in the broadcasting and online worlds.


I believe that I have a unique grasp of the convergence of technology and content, online strategy and tactics, as well as a deep understanding of usability and best practices for reaching users on dozens of online platforms, many of which I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with since their inception.

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