I’m experienced in a wide variety of media concepts & practices including digital advertising, event sponsorship, mobile marketing, social media, and interactive images.  I work now as a Digital Sales Director for Brand.net., the only custom platform built on getting the fullest picture of a user via offline and online data to better target people most likely to take action against your message.  Our parent company (Valassis) has been delivering at home mail for over 40 years so we have proprietary data that has “cracked the code” for digital advertisers to know with more accuracy than ever before where their users are and what their habits are both online and offline. Together this partnership allows Brand.net to dominate when it comes to un-paralleled targeted reach outside of traditional cookie pools even at the sub-zip code level.

Summits Attended

iMedia Agency Summit

The Future of Data-Driven Creativity

iMedia Brand Summit

Marketing to the New Consumer

iMedia Brand Summit

Brands as Content Creators

iMedia Brand Summit

Customers For Life: Creating Brand Loyalty