Founded in 2009, Digilant's platform allows brands & agencies to uncover the "NEW" within the programmatic space. From new content to new custom audience segments, Digilant helps reduce wasteful digital spending while using real-time targeting intelligence to drive KPIs. Digilant is an audience targeting, demand side platform (DSP) and data intelligene platform. The compnay has over 1,300 customers and established operations in six countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil.


Summits Attended

iMedia Brand Summit

Partnerships: The Latest Renaissance in Marketing

iMedia Agency Summit

The Agency Redefined - Balancing Scale, Scrappiness & Innovation

iMedia Breakthrough Summit

Breakthrough: The Next Wave of Marketing

iMedia Brand Summit

Marketing to the New Consumer

iMedia Brand Summit

Brands as Content Creators