As global VP of media solutions for Expedia, Inc., Noah Tratt oversees advertising sales efforts for the Expedia, Inc. brands. In addition to building strong relationships with advertisers and travel partners, Tratt leads all product development, yield management, and operations related to the advertising business.

Tratt joined Expedia, Inc. in 2002 as the head of the car rental business. Under his leadership, the car rental business grew faster than any other mature business within Expedia. In 2006, Tratt became vice president of supplier strategy for Expedia Corporate Travel, where he and his team managed the air, hotel, and car partnerships of the company.


 Before Expedia, Tratt worked for Ensis LLC, where he was a consultant to a variety of early-stage start-ups. Prior to his position at Ensis, Tratt spent nearly two years at Xylo, Inc., where he worked with HR professionals at leading companies to bring work-life solutions to employees.


 Prior to his stint at Xylo, Inc., Tratt was a founder of the Daily Rocket, later sold to Fiserv; he also worked for nearly five years as a member of the Excel and Reference teams at Microsoft. Tratt is a graduate of Brown University.


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