Ashley Swartz's passion for technology, advertising, and media are a reflection of the cloth from which she is cut. Her career has included the manufacturing of components, working with electronics, participating in entrepreneurial start-ups, and running a media practice, all coupled with over 10 years of living and working in Europe, Asia, and Central America. With a background in finance, she landed in digital advertising due to her love of technology and her ability to navigate and scale new channels to market.

She most recently led the iTV practice at Digitas New York and the global business. Leveraging her legacy building scalable advertising solutions in emerging channels like mobile and video games, Swartz founded Furious-Minds to provide consulting, advisory, and monetization strategies for companies with revenue streams that are advertising-related or that live within the converged ecosystem of iTV. One of the many ambitions for Furious-Minds is to make the company a platform leading by example in an effort to attract and provide support for women in technology, on boards, and in acquiring funding.


Swartz lives in NYC and practices what she preaches: In her living room is an HMNI hub, connected to five OTT devices and her Samsung Smart TV. The Olympics is the only reason she now has cable again after having cut the cord in June 2011 and going without for over a year.


Summits Attended

iMedia Breakthrough Summit

Navigating Content & Creativity in a Programmatic World

iMedia Other Summit

The True North Strong and Digital