Ashley Bast is a former Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing Executive and General Manager who has worked on brands at P&G, Campbell's Soup (Canada, UK, and Europe) and Canada Bread.

A few of the highlights from his time in Packaged Goods include launching Goldfish crackers into Canada, leading the reset of Campbell's Red & White label, launching V8 Fusion in the UK, repositioning Dempster's as "Canada’s Bakery", signing Sidney Crosby as a brand champion for Dempster's after his golden goal at the Vancouver Olympics, and playing a leadership role in Canada Bread/Maple Leaf Foods being named Marketing Magazine's "Marketers of the Year" in 2011.


Most recently Ashley has moved into the Marketing Technology space and has been with AcuityAds Inc. since fall 2013.  As VP Marketing at AcuityAds Inc., Ashley is focused on helping to elevate Marketer’s knowledge around the changes and benefits that the automation of the media buying process has enabled – specifically in the areas of segmentation, targeting, and the ability to deliver the right message at the right time on the right device for the right price as the consumer progresses through their evaluation and purchase journey.  

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