Brad Ruffkess is a global connections strategist working with the Coca-Cola company's various brands and markets around the world to help deliver liquid and linked connection strategies that have social at the heart.

Ruffkess has led many of the company's efforts in social marketing across global brands to standardize capabilities that enable Coke's marketers around the world to focus on cultivating conversations at scale across social networks.


Prior to Coca-Cola, Ruffkess was director of web strategy at Merge Agency, helped communities in "Creating Bridges as Art" at FIGG in Tallahassee, Florida, and founded the now defunct LazyCampus, a network of local portals for smart card-enabled college communities.

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Brad Ruffkess

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Few companies in the world are as global as Coca-Cola. And few marketers within Coca-Cola are as global as Brad Ruffkess. Earlier this year, Brad Ruffkess did what he likes to...