My name is (newly) Ginger Wesson Lavender. I am 22 years old, and I live in Mississippi. I got started on Vine when my American pit bull terrier, Xena, caught the attention of a few thousand people.

Before my husband and I were engaged, we moved to Pennsylvania for a year for his work. I had no job, no friends, and a lot of free time. The Vine app was brand new, and I was home all day with Xena, so I would just record her being, well, her. When the "Revine" button was added, one particular Vine ended up getting a few thousand likes and Revines and, at the time, that was huge. I immediately started gaining followers and continued to Vine Xena. After that, I had one more Vine of Xena blow up, and ever since then, I just continued to make Vines, using the platform to advocate for pit bulls.


Vine is one of the best things that has happened to me. I have met the most incredible people, made some of the best friends, and had THOUSANDS of people tell me that their negative opinions toward pit bulls have completely changed. I've been given the opportunities of a lifetime, and have worked with some of the best brands. Vine has changed my life.

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