Jason joined Integral in early 2014 to manage the overall development and strategic direction of Integral’s mobile product offering. Jason is also responsible for spearheading the integration of Simplytics’ (a recently acquired UK based firm) mobile ad serving technology and Integral’s data solutions into one comprehensive platform.

Jason has worked 14 plus years in the mobile space across Europe and Asia Pacific. He has cross-functional experience in technology, product and business development and has held senior roles for a number of mobile advertising companies. In 2012 Jason founded and served as CEO of Simplytics, the world’s first agency side ad server for mobile that focused on brand safe measurement for app’s and mobile sites. Jason was responsible for securing Simplytics as the preferred mobile ad server for Starcom EMEA, Omnicom EMEA and a number of other high profile agencies. In 2014 Simplytics was acquired by Integral Ad Science with Jason at the helm as London-based General Manager for Mobile.


Jason holds a bachelor’s degree in Business from Auckland University of Technology.

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