I am a Product Specialist and Certified Scrum Product Owner, equally passionate about Product Management and Product Marketing. I am currently working in the global advertising, media and digital marketing space, servicing Fortune 100 and 500 companies. 

When working in Product Marketing, I embrace a range of tools including: content marketing (web content, blogs, video), inbound marketing (search engine optimization), outbound marketing (search engine marketing) and social media marketing tools and concepts to generate those results.

When working in Product Management, I have accomplished results using Minimum Viable Product, Lean Product Development, Agile Product Development and Scrum methods, which while similar, provide variations that ensure strong outcomes depending on where a company is in its growth path.

I tend to be focused on start-up technologies, growth oriented entrepreneurial companies and emerging business units within enterprise organizations. Basically, companies that want to grow and move forward as opposed to stable companies with slower growth plans.

Most of the companies that I have worked for have used a Software as a Service - SaaS - business model and have included: Enterprise Software, Small Business Software, and Consumer Software applications. This landscape of solutions included: email marketing, content management, online website building, business process management, consumer and B2B eCommerce, and social media marketing.

Specialties: Marketing Management, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Mobile Marketing, Location Based Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Product Management, Product Development, Strategic Planning, Metrics Implementation, Staff Recruiting, Staff Development, Profit & Loss Management, Project Leadership, Business Development, Lead Generation, Sales Process Implementation, Multi-Million Dollar Budgeting.

Summits Attended

iMedia Commerce Summit

The Future of Shopping