DMP, PMP, SSP, DSP... throw any three letters together and Blake Hochberger can speak to them with conviction (even if they're made up). Programmatic acronyms are second nature to Hochberger, who has a wealth of media experience on both the buy and sell sides of the digital media business. After getting his start selling broadcast for CBS Radio in Chicago, and honing his digital skills at Mindshare Chicago, he eventually grew tired of the long winters and ran media operations/business development for LIN Digital in Austin, Texas. He is currently the director of all things programmatic at Resignation Media, known best for, probably the best website in the world. In this role, he oversees all strategy, operations, and sales of programmatic media, including the implementation, management, and activation of the company's preferred DMP, in order to offer each individual client the most interesting programmatic media possible.

Born and raised in Chicago (where he was a seat vendor selling peanuts at Wrigley Field), Hochberger remains an avid Chicago sports fan. The Bulls, Cubs, Bears, and Blackhawks still dominate his evening schedule. 


That said, as a Texas Longhorns alumni, he bleeds a little burnt orange, too. He moved to Austin for the blues music and warmer climate, and he doesn't regret it for a second.