In September of 2007, Michael Cascio joined Gawker Media. He has a leadership role within the Gawker Media sales team - focused on account growth, new business, and tactical excecution.

Michael's interactive career began as a Planner at Maxim Digital in 2004. It was there he learned to think creatively and find unique solutions to integrate advertisers into a web property seamlessly. In January 2005, Michael joined the founders of as the VP of Sales. Starting out in one room of the founders' apartment, when the company numbered six total employees. At that time Michael was the entire sales force. It began to grow quickly though, and he helped grow the company to over 50 in staff, and played an instrumental role in the transition to an IAC owned company after the buyout at the end of 2006.

Michael is a Villanova Alum, who has lived in NYC since 2003.

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