Julia Smith is an International Consultant with fraud detection specialist, Forensiq, as well as Consultant for AOP and Partner with The 614 Group. Additionally, she is the Founder of Digital Trading Consultancy, an independent digital consultancy offering ad trading advice, brand safety compliance, communications strategy, and digital media consulting.

Julia has extensive experience providing strategic and tactical counsel at all levels of the ad-tech value chain. She has held leadership positions with various publishers and other digital firms including Mirror Group Newspapers, Harvest Digital, Nexus Business Media, Evolve Media, and the IAB.

Julia is an affiliate of the IAB, ABC and AOP and is on the recently launched IAB Anti-Fraud Working Group.

My Articles

Evolve or die

| Julia Smith

"Evolve or die". That is the common statement made by the industry to ad networks over the last 12 months. Harsh? Possibly, but this is the fact facing existing ad networks.