Domenico D'Ambrosio began his career with Verizon in 1997, serving customers as a call-center representative. Over the next 19 years, D'Ambrosio advanced in a variety of roles in retail, merchandising, branding, sales, IT, and B2B, and currently serves as the company's vice president of national channel operations. D'Ambrosio is responsible for strategy, resource architecture, and innovation across all aspects of Verizon's more than 1,650 retail and cross-channel locations, as well as overseeing the overall evolution of the customer experience. 

Responsible for the end-to-end experience of 110 million+ connected customers, plus 30,000 retail and cross-channel employees, D'Ambrosio is charged with ensuring that every touchpoint on both sides of the experience is personalized, meaningful, and on-demand as the retail and digital experiences converge in today's uber-connected society. 

Summits Attended

iMedia Commerce Summit

The Future of Shopping in a Cross-Channel World