As Programming Director with America Online, Tiffani Whitehead-Allen is responsible for identifying opportunities to grow traffic, launching innovative products and increasing community engagement – all contributing to the company´s bottom line. Tiffani has nearly ten years in online community management and understands the benefits and strengths behind engagement, connecting users with content and how to stay relevant and ahead of the game during an age when users are now authors and inventors of their own content. As a dedicated and enthusiastic employee of AOL, she also possesses the patience, time and experience that goes into recognizing talent and building a good team.

Tiffani Whitehead-Allen joined AOL in 2002 as manager with the world´s largest online community. Tiffani was responsible for breathing life into the community through a suite of tools such as chat rooms, message boards, blogs, polls and moderation. <p>In 2002, following the horrific events on September 11, 2001 she launched an online special, <i>Letters from the Front</i>, spotlighting the nation´s most important celebrities -- troops serving in Iraq -- and the families who supported them from the homefront. These real stories gathered attention from both local and national news outlets and received recognition from AOL´s executive leaders. <p>In 2003, she was promoted to Senior Manager, responsible for connecting AOL´s online community with the service´s original programming and contributing to the company´s goals of time spent, page views and unique visitors. <p>In 2004, ready for a new challenge Tiffani joined AOL´s Product team, working on AIM, and increasing strength and brand as a social networking tool.<p>Following the re-branding and launch of Tiffani switched gears in 2005 and joined AOL´s urban entertainment channel, responsible for the tone, brand, look & feel, as well as the site´s growing online community. Within four months she was promoted to Programming Director. The web site has since stepped up to number one in its space and has remained in the top spot according to Media Metrix. In 2007, she was given the honor of being recognized as AOL´s <i>Top Talent</i>, awarded by senior executives to select employees at the company.</i><p>Prior to joining AOL, Tiffani worked with the world´s largest recruiting company, Allegis Group, Inc. As Web Content Director she immediately rolled up her sleeves and increased the web site´s content from 4 to 400 pages, launched their online community to connect recruiters with job seekers, improved the online help center to cut costs from 1-800 phone calls and contributed to the treatment for the company´s $2 million television ad campaign. <p>It was Tiffani´s work as a writer with Washington DC´s leading news bureau WJLA-TV/Channel 7 that launched her career. In conjunction with her work at Channel 7, Tiffani was sole proprietor of an online web site for college scholarships and also fostered an online community for coeds throughout the United States and beyond.