In 2005 some of the leading names behind Create started their own agency. They called it Essence. They had a little helping hand from a chap called Charles Dunstone who had a warehouse full of carphones. The core management team was joined by some new and equally talented people. Clients were won. Many of them leading names in the digital marketplace like Google, YouTube and eBay. Awards followed. Billings and headcounts grew. Essence moved out of their increasingly cramped offices in Waterloo to shiny new ones in Soho. Like errant Sycamore seeds they even flew across the Atlantic to open up a branch in Manhattan. But despite all the changes that had taken place, one thing never changed. Essence never lost its original spirit of entrepreneurship and commercial nous. So however 'agency' Essence became, they were always aware of their responsibilities to their clients' P&L account.

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