Simulmedia is an ad tech company with a focus on television. It operates the Simulmedia Audience Network, an audience-driven ad network, and a7, a proprietary technology platform. Simulmedia sells TV advertising campaigns that are targeted, measurable, and cost efficient using ad inventory reaching 115 million households and the world’s largest database of TV viewership. Simulmedia was founded by serial entrepreneur Dave Morgan in 2009. Earlier, Mr. Morgan founded TACODA, an online advertising company that pioneered online behavioral marketing and was bought by AOL in 2007. And before TACODA, Mr. Morgan founded Real Media, one of the world’s first ad serving and online ad network companies and a predecessor to 24/7 Real Media (now owned by WPP). Simulmedia brings online and data methodologies and lessons learned from Mr. Morgan’s prior companies to traditional television advertising. Simulmedia’s investors include Avalon Ventures, Time Warner Investments, and Union Square Ventures. For the first few years, Simulmedia focused on improving tune-in campaigns for TV networks. Simulmedia applies Internet-style data analysis and targeting to traditional TV, recommending to marketers and their agencies when they should run campaigns for shows. The company’s proprietary technology platform gathers anonymous data from set-top boxes and smart TVs, overlays other sources of TV viewing data, and engages proprietary science and engineering to predict which viewers will watch when and where to help target them with relevant ads. After campaigns run, Simulmedia is able to measure how many targeted viewers tuned into the show. After running hundreds of successful tune-in campaigns and proving out the business model, in early 2012 Simulmedia expanded the client base beyond TV promotional advertisers to help all advertiser categories achieve cost effective targeted TV reach. So far, Simulmedia has worked with advertisers in the casual dining, QSR, alcoholic beverage, soft drink, credit card, CPG, travel, financial services, mobile, and entertainment industries.

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