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Breakthrough: The Next Wave of Marketing October 26 - 28, 2014, Atlanta, GA

In an industry where disruption is a constant, the iMedia Breakthrough Summit is where marketers go to gain perspective on breakthrough ways of doing business. This year's summit will focus not only on anticipating the future, but creating it. We'll empower you to do so with key approaches for forming groundbreaking partnerships, novel ways to restructure internally for innovation, the communication tactics that are necessary to foster change, as well as innovative marketing technologies to you get there.

This 2.5-day summit gives senior marketing executives access to rich networking opportunities and content that will provide the tools to drive the marketing industry forward.


Other topics and features include:

  • The newest mobile, local, social, video, and content marketing strategies.
  • Consumer behavior insights and tech adoption trends.
  • The latest media models.
  • The Next Wave Innovation Showcase, featuring the hottest technologies that are shaping the marketing industry.

Special event features include:

  • iMedia Next Wave Innovation Demos + Discussion.
  • Mobile Bootcamp.

 Mobile Bootcamp

iMedia's Mobile Bootcamp is an intense 5 hour deep dive designed to empower marketers with the information they need to successfully incorporate mobile tactics into their overall marketing strategy. In this bootcamp, marketers will be divided into teams where they'll be asked to flex their marketing muscles to solve real-life mobile marketing challenges. We'll hit the ground running with an overview of mobile commerce, creative mobile strategies, marketing across devices, and measurement & analytics. You'll hear case studies on brands that successfully whipped their mobile strategy into shape, and you'll gain insights into how you can do it too.

Attendee Benefits

For a limited number of publishers/service providers, the iMedia Breakthrough Summit offers an exclusive and intimate opportunity to have meaningful interaction with marketers to help them address their digital marketing challenges and strategies. iMedia regulates the number of "seller" passes sold to ensure a rich buyer-to-seller ratio. Besides the opportunity to collaborate with marketers in content sessions, plenty of networking is possible at numerous meal and reception functions. iMedia Summits also include our unique One:One Networking Program!


Please be our guest and Request Your Invitation. Space is limited so act now. This summit is FREE to qualified brand and agency marketers* and offers:

  • 2.5 days of peer-to-peer exchange
  • Informative, insightful sessions & keynotes on the most timely and critical issues
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Participant materials
  • Meals and networking functions
  • 2-night stay at the Atlanta Evergreen Marriott

Featured Speakers

  • Adam Kmiec

    Adam Kmiec

    Sr. Director


  • Lina Yang

    Lina Yang

    Director, Futurist, Advanced Technology Lab

    The Hershey Company

  • Kevin McKenzie

    Kevin McKenzie

    Global Chief Digital Officer

    Westfield Labs

  • Mick Ebeling

    Mick Ebeling

    CEO & Founder

    Not Impossible Foundation

  • David Hallerman

    David Hallerman

    Principal Analyst


  • Gregg Heard

    Gregg Heard

    VP, Brand Identity & Design


  • David Hewitt

    David Hewitt

    VP Experience Innovation & Global Mobile Prac Lead


  • Agenda

    Saturday, October 25, 2014

    Mobile Bootcamp Cocktail & Dinner Party (Open to brand marketer & agency executive guests only)

    Sunday, October 26, 2014

    Mobile Boot Camp (open to brand marketer & agency executive guests only)

    Breakfast & Sponsored Presentations

    Welcome by Mobile Bootcamp Host
    David Hallerman, Principal Analyst, eMarketer

    Mobile Bootcamp Opening Keynote: "Mobility: The Game-Changer at AT&T Stadium"
    Gregg Heard, VP, Brand Identity & Design, AT&T

    Case Study: "Using Experience Design to Create Highly Personalized Buying Experiences on Mobile in the Residential Home Industry"
    Daniel Davenport, Executive Director, Think Interactive
    Caroline Simmel, SVP Marketing, Edward Andrews Homes


    Case Study: "What Happens When Mobile, Social & Loyalty Collide?"
    Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe, Principal, Social Espionage
    Shelby White, Senior Marketing Manager, Waffle House

    Case Study: "How Mobile Unlocks Long Term Customer Value"
    Joe Barry, Performance Marketing Manager, InterContinental Hotels Group
    Sanarr McLaughlin, Manager, Interactive Marketing, InterContinental Hotels Group

    Case Study: "YellaWood: Social Sharing & Content Virality"
    George Potts, VP, Director of Social Media, Brunner
    Rob Pongonis, Brand Manager, Great Southern Wood Preserving (YellaWood)

    Lunch & Sponsored Presentations

    Case Study: "The Universal Orlando Resort Mobile Experience: Make Having Fun Easy"
    Greg Renner, Senior Director, Ecommerce, Mobile & CRM, Universal Studios
    Chip Gross, Digital Agency Executive
    Chris Crayner, SVP, Integrated Media & Digital, Universal Studios

    Roundtable Discussions


    Closing Keynote: "Arc of Mobility: A Perspective on a New Era of Consumer Expectation & Opportunity"
    David Hewitt, VP Experience Innovation & Global Mobile Prac Lead, SapientNitro

    Registration Desk Opens

    Breakthrough Begins

    Host Wrap-Up & Mobile Bootcamp Conclusion
    David Hallerman, Principal Analyst, eMarketer

    Sponsored Presentations (Brand Marketers & Agency Executives Only)

    Shuttles to Stone Mountain

    Welcome Reception & Dinner
    Brought to you by: Cardlytics

    Monday, October 27, 2014

    Registration Desk Opens

    Sponsored Presentations & Breakfast (Brand Marketers & Agency Executives Only)

    Seller Breakfast: "Interested in a Sales Channel Where Prospects Come to You?"
    Dave Hinton, President, Glassnetic
    Matthew Karasick, CEO, Glassnetic
    Brought to you by: Glassnetic

    Networking Break

    Welcome by Summit Host
    Adam Kmiec, Sr. Director, Walgreens
    Jennifer Marlo, Content Director, iMedia Communications, Inc.

    Opening Keynote: "Create Your Future"
    Lina Yang, Director, Futurist, Advanced Technology Lab, The Hershey Company

    Insight Presentation: "Driving Corporate Innovation from the Inside (The Story of Coca-Cola's Social HUB)"
    Kevin Planovsky, Prinicipal & Co-Founder, Vert
    Doug Busk, Dir – Connections Innovation Global Connections, The Coca-Cola Company

    Case Study: "Turning Social Listening Into Innovation"
    Olga Patel, Senior Manager, J.M Smucker

    Transition Break

    Spotlight A: "The Future of the Impartial Media Buyer"
    Adam Berke, CMO & President, AdRoll
    Brought to you by: Ad Roll

    Spotlight B: "Conquest & Learn - Using Digital Media to Both Understand & Change Consumer Behavior"
    Ed Haslam, SVP of Marketing, PlaceIQ
    Brought to you by: Place IQ

    Spotlight C: "Programmatic Buying: Nightmare or Dream Come True?"
    Ashley Bast, VP Marketing, AcuityAds
    Brought to you by: Acuity

    Networking Break

    Spotlights (Repeated)


    A by-appointment networking program for buyers and sellers, during which each has an opportunity to participate in a series of 10-minute introductory meeting. Sponsored by:

    Networking Break

    Insight Presentation: "Reimagining Marketing Innovation"
    Phil Hendrix, Founder & Director, immr

    2014 iMedia Next Wave Roundtables
    David Shadpour, CEO & Founder, Social Native
    Cooper Harris, CEO & Founder, Klickly
    Alex Hill, Chief Scientist, Merlin Mobility
    Oliver Bogner, Founder, Job Snap
    Adam Stein, CEO, Advantageous Systems (ADS)

    Free Time

    Cocktail Reception


    Tuesday, October 28, 2014

    Registration Desk Opens

    Sponsored Presentations & Breakfast (Brand Marketers & Agency Executives Only)

    Seller Breakfast

    Networking Break

    A by-appointment networking program for buyers and sellers, during which each has an opportunity to participate in a series of 10-minute introductory meeting. Sponsored by:

    Networking Break

    Welcome Back by Summit Host
    Adam Kmiec, Sr. Director, Walgreens
    Jennifer Marlo, Content Director, iMedia Communications, Inc.

    Keynote: "Re-Imagined Retail: The Convergence of Physical & Digital Shopping"
    Kevin McKenzie, Global Chief Digital Officer, Westfield Labs

    Fireside Chat: "Why The Weather Channel is the Coolest Technology Company in Atlanta"
    Matthew Eby, VP Marketing, Digital Division, The Weather Channel
    Danny Davis, Founder & CEO, Proving Ground

    Case Study: "Upper Deck Learns to 'Think Different' Thanks to iMedia"
    Chris Carlin, Sr. Marketing & Social Media Manager, Upper Deck
    Denis Murphy, Founder & President, Friends of Jaclyn Foundation

    Lunch & Closing Keynote: "Not Impossible: How Brands Will Change the World"
    Mick Ebeling, CEO & Founder, Not Impossible Foundation

    Summit Ambassadors

    Event Sponsors

    • 4Info
    • Adap.TV
    • Conversant
    • Glassnetic
    • Think Near
    • Tube Mogul
    • Fiksu
    • Ninth Decimal
    • Verve
    • xAd
    • Acuity
    • Ad Roll
    • Place IQ
    • Cardlytics
    • Factual
    • Glassnetic
    • Gum Gum
    • Oracle Marketing Cloud
    • iMedia Connection
    • Advertising Age
    • eMarketer
    • Business Wire

    iMedia Summit attendees represent over $3 billion in digital marketing spend and hail from some of the biggest companies in the Fortune-500 and the agency world. High-value, customizable sponsorship opportunities are available, but won't last. Contact Oscar Gardner, Sales Director, for more information.