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The Dynamic Agency Model May 3 - 6, 2015, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

The Dynamic Agency Model

In the constantly changing marketing ecosystem, agencies continue to refine and redefine their value proposition in order to remain relevant. Brands are slowly moving programmatic technology in-house and developing automated, always-on programs for almost every marketing channel. When this shift becomes a broader reality, with agencies continuing to lose media dollars, will we see agencies become purely strategic or creative partners? Will certain agencies move downstream to provide services to the midmarket and below, essentially running marketing technology stacks on behalf of advertisers in an outsourced capacity? In short, what does the future hold for agencies?


At this event we'll tackle these larger questions, while also addressing the immediate skills needed to:

  • Be an agile agency
  • Help you identify clients' key targets in the digital space
  • Manage real-time ad optimization and dynamic creative optimization
  • Find your niche, whether at a large agency or boutique agency
  • Become a strategic partner
  • And more!

iMedia ASPY Awards

Find out who the winners are of this year's iMedia ASPY Awards! The agency community voted for their favorite marketing partners in the categories of Best New Media Innovation, Best Programmatic Partner, and more. The winners will be announced at the awards gala Tuesday evening. See the finalists here.

The Aspen Group


Plus, qualified agency executives will be invited to join "The Aspen Group" - a private, peer-to-peer town hall designed by agency leaders for agency leaders dedicated to industry progression. It's a 'no BS' forum that's not only a one-of-a-kind networking experience, but provides unprecedented access to industry leaders.

Attendee Benefits

For a limited number of publishers/service providers, the iMedia Agency Summit offers an exclusive and intimate opportunity to have meaningful interaction with agency executives to help them address their digital marketing challenges and strategies. iMedia regulates the number of "seller" passes sold to ensure a rich buyer-to-seller ratio. In addition to collaboration with marketers during content sessions, iMedia has designed a program rich in both structured and unstructured networking opportunities.

Please be our guest and request your invitation. Space is limited so act now. This summit is FREE to qualified agency executives and offers:

  • 3 full days of peer-to-peer exchange (including full-day Aspen Group meeting)
  • Informative, insightful sessions & keynotes on the most timely and critical issues
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Participant materials
  • Meals and networking functions, including iMedia's exclusive one:one program
  • 4-night stay at the Terranea Resort

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. -Dr. Seuss” Tim Allan
Project Coordinator
BGT Partners

Featured Speakers

  • Aimee Reker

    Aimee Reker


    Leveret Marketing

  • David Rolfe

    David Rolfe

    Director of Integrated Production


  • Agenda

    Saturday, May 2, 2015

    Cocktail Reception (Agency Executives Only)

    Dinner (Agency Executives Only)

    Sunday, May 3, 2015

    Breakfast (Agency Executives Only)

    Aspen Group Meeting (Agency Executives Only)

    Lunch (Agency Executives Only)

    Aspen Group Meeting (Agency Executives Only)

    Registration Desk Opens
    Brought to you by: AdReady

    iMedia Seller Crash Course: "Making the Most of Your Summit Experience"
    David Shadpour, CEO & Founder, Social Native

    Sponsored Presentations (Agency Executives Only)

    Welcome Reception & Dinner
    Brought to you by: Spotify for Brands

    Monday, May 4, 2015

    Breakfast (Agency Executives Only)

    Seller Breakfast

    Sponsored Presentations (Agency Executives Only)

    Brought to you by: Brightline

    Transition Break

    Opening Remarks by Summit Host
    Aimee Reker, Principal, Leveret Marketing

    Keynote: "How to Remain Agile in the Face of Change"
    Keith Pape, Founder & CEO, YellowPike Media
    Michelle Burnham, Head of Media, Huge
    Tom Edwards, Chief Digital Officer, Epsilon
    David Aglar, EVP Digital, Weber Shandwick

    Insight Presentation: "Think like David While Acting like Goliath: Strategy First, Then Choose Wisely from Your Digital Arsenal"
    Kevin Ryan, Founder, Motivity Marketing, Inc.

    Insight Presentation: "The Metamorphosis of the Ad Agency"
    Kevin Hung, SVP, Digital Innovations Director, Havas

    Transition Break

    Spotlight A: Fireside Debate: "Three No-Holds-Barred Perspectives on the Merits of Current & Future Digital Media Offerings"
    Tom Alexander, Founder & CEO, PK4 Media, Inc.
    Chris Scuro, West Coast Digital Marketing Manager, Team Detroit
    Justin Manfredi, Senior Director, Digital Marketing, Activision
    Brought to you by: PK4 Media

    Spotlight B: The Next Frontier in Ad Quality: "A Study of Targeting Accuracy from Leading Vendors"
    Art Prateepvanich, Head of Product Marketing, Quantcast
    Brought to you by: Quantcast

    Spotlight C: Delivering Actionable Consumer Insights: "Helping Agencies Get More from Programmatic"
    Krishna Bopanna, VP Data Science, Digilant
    Kim Riedell, SVP Product & Marketing, Digilant
    Brought to you by: Digilant

    Networking Break

    Spotlights (Repeated)

    Lunch (Boxed)

    Roundtable Discussion A: "You're Losing Them! Engaging Millennials in Digital Advertising"
    Brought to you by: Ad Supply

    Roundtable Discussion B: "Open Exchanges versus Private Marketplaces - Which One is Best for Publishers & Marketers?"
    Brought to you by: OpenX

    A by-appointment networking program for buyers and sellers, during which each has an opportunity to participate in a series of 10-minute introductory meeting.
    Brought to you by: Celtra

    Recreation & Free Time

    CSR Activity: Clean the World ONE ProjectMore
    Brought to you by: Social Native

    Cocktail Reception
    Brought to you by: Ad Supply


    Tuesday, May 5, 2015

    Breakfast (Agency Executives Only)

    Seller Breakfast

    Sponsored Presentations (Agency Executives Only)

    Brought to you by: Brightline

    Networking Break

    Welcome Back by Summit Host
    Aimee Reker, Principal, Leveret Marketing

    Keynote: "How a Giant Became More Nimble"
    David Rolfe, Director of Integrated Production, BBDO

    Insight Address: "Reaching a Generation that is Coming of Age on Screens"
    Ann Mack, Global Content, Consumer Insights, facebook

    Branded Content Innovation: "A Modern Engagement Framework"
    Lori H. Schwartz, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Catalyst, StoryTech
    Arianne Walker, Director, J.D. Power and Associates
    Eric Thompson, VP, Global Retail Marketing Activation, Levi's

    Transition Break

    Master Track A: "Myth Busting: 10 Myths About the Hispanic Consumer"
    Carla Eboli, Chief Marketing Officer, Dieste Inc.
    Dannely Flores Kramer, Strategic Planning Director, Dieste Inc.

    Master Track B: "Innovation, Design, & the Seamless User Experience"
    Chad Vavra, Director of Experience, Strategy, & Design, Isobar

    Master Track C: "Tackling the Talent Conundrum"
    Altay Guvench, Partner / Co-Founder, 10x Management

    Lunch: Disruption Hour: A Conversation on the Future of Marketing
    Brought to you by: Demand Base

    Case Study: "Visions of California: A lesson in Branded VR"
    Lori H. Schwartz, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Catalyst, StoryTech
    Craig Dalton, CEO, DODOcase
    Andy Griffiths, VP, Marketing, 7 For All Mankind

    Case Study: "How Influencer Marketing is Changing the Game"
    David Shadpour, CEO & Founder, Social Native
    Len Kendall, Director of Social Marketing, Havas Media

    Transition Break

    A by-appointment networking program for buyers and sellers, during which each has an opportunity to participate in a series of 10-minute introductory meeting.
    Brought to you by: Celtra

    Free Time

    Cocktail Reception
    Brought to you by: OpenX

    Dinner & ASPY Awards

    Summit Ambassadors

    Event Sponsors

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    Media Summit attendees represent over $3 billion in digital marketing spend and hail from some of the biggest companies in the Fortune-500 and the agency world. High-value, customizable sponsorship opportunities are available, but won't last.

    For more information, please contact:
    Oscar Gardner, Sales Director
    [email protected]


    Terranea Resort
    Terranea Resort 100 Terranea Way
    Rancho Palos Verdes, California 90275

    +1 (866) 802-8000

    Poised on 102 acres, the Terranea Resort offers 582-rooms, including a luxurious collection of residential bungalows, casitas and villas. The resort also features The Links at Terranea, an award-winning, 9-hole par 3 golf course, the spectacular Spa at Terranea, three ocean view pools and a collection of eight distinctive restaurants, bars, cafés and lounges. Guests often recognize the views from many vantage points, as the property has been the location of dozens of Hollywood films and televisions shows over the years.