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Forging Partnerships that Matter December 4 - 7, 2016, Scottsdale, Arizona

Agencies continue to refine and redefine their value proposition in order to remain relevant. Brands are slowly moving programmatic technology in-house and developing automated, always-on programs for almost every marketing channel. Meanwhile, publishers -- with their ever-growing sponsored content opportunities -- are increasingly partnering directly with brands. Where does the modern agency fit in?

Topics covered may include:

  • How and when it makes sense to produce a "one-size-fits-all" vs. a personal
  • Tips on direct messaging to your consumers across all channels and devices
  • Marketing attribution
  • The fundamentals of a better collaboration model
  • Machine learning & AI for unstructured data
  • What Brands, Agencies and Sellers think of each other
  • The tools and strategies we can all employ to more from problem paralysis to solution focused
  • Evolving the role of agencies
  • How Brands views partnerships

iMedia Agency Awards

Celebrate this year's top agencies with us as we reveal the winners of the 2016 iMedia Agency Awards! Categories include Agency of the Year, Agency Marketer of the Year, and Campaign of the Year.

The Aspen Group

Plus, qualified agency executives will be invited to join "The Aspen Group" - a private, peer-to-peer town hall designed by agency leaders for agency leaders dedicated to industry progression. It's a "no BS" forum that's not only a one-of-a-kind networking experience, but provides unprecedented access to industry leaders.

Attendee Benefits

For a limited number of technology providers/service providers, the iMedia Agency Summit offers an exclusive and intimate opportunity to have meaningful interaction with agency executives to help them address their digital marketing challenges and strategies. iMedia regulates the number of "seller" passes sold to ensure a rich buyer-to-seller ratio. In addition to collaboration with marketers during content sessions, iMedia has designed a program rich in both structured and unstructured networking opportunities.

Qualified agency executives are invited to be our VIP guests. If eligible, you’ll receive a complimentary pass to this event along with these benefits:

  • Automatic invitation to the marketer-only, closed-door ASPEN Group
  • 2.5 days of peer-to-peer exchange
  • Informative, insightful sessions and keynotes on the most timely and critical issues
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Access to networking functions, including iMedia's exclusive one:one program
  • Complimentary meals and beverages
  • Complimentary 3-night stay at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn

Featured Speakers

  • Amy Avery

    Amy Avery

    Global Head of Analytics

    J. Walter Thompson Worldwide

  • Jeff Boron

    Jeff Boron

    VP, Digital Communications


  • Mark Burr

    Mark Burr

    SVP, General Manager

    Piston Agency

  • John Dubois

    John Dubois

    Co-Founder & CEO


  • Ellen Foster

    Ellen Foster

    VP Strategy & Insight


  • Alicia Hatch

    Alicia Hatch

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Deloitte Digital

  • Stephen Heitz

    Stephen Heitz

    Managing Director, Interactive


  • Michael Horn

    Michael Horn

    Managing Director, Data Science


  • Lynn Ingham

    Lynn Ingham


    Digital Talent Guide

  • Eugene Lee

    Eugene Lee

    EVP, Managing Director

    CMI Media

  • Richard McDonald

    Richard McDonald



  • Jim Nichols

    Jim Nichols



  • Joshua Palau

    Joshua Palau

    VP of Digital Strategy & Platforms

    Bayer US

  • Adam Walden

    Adam Walden

    President & Managing Director

    Deep Focus

  • Jenna Watson

    Jenna Watson

    VP, Digital Media

    DAC Group

  • Carol Wolowic

    Carol Wolowic

    Senior Manager, Media

    Panera Bread

  • Agenda

    Saturday, December 3, 2016

    Cocktail Reception (Agency Executives Only) - Peace Pipe Patio

    Dinner (Agency Executives Only) - Peace Pipe

    Sunday, December 4, 2016

    Breakfast (Agency Executives Only) - Salons M-N

    Aspen Group Meeting (Agency Executives Only) - Salons M-N

    Lunch (Agency Executives Only) - Salons M-N

    Aspen Group Meeting (Agency Executives Only) - Camelback Patio

    Registration Desk Open - North Foyer

    Sponsored Presentations (Agency Executives Only) - Salons M-N

    Seller Crash Course - Cholla
    Chris Evans, VP of Media, R&R Partners

    Welcome Reception & Dinner - Salons F-I
    Brought to you by: Collective

    Monday, December 5, 2016

    Breakfast (Agency Executives Only) - Salons M-N

    Sponsored Presentations (Agency Executives Only) - Salons M-N

    Seller Breakfast: Native Advertising - Forecast 2017 - Salons J-L
    Susan Borst, Deputy Director, Mobile Center of Excellence, IAB

    Lounge - North Foyer
    Brought to you by: Context Media Health

    Transition Break - West Foyer

    Welcome Remarks & Industry Insights from iMedia - Salons F-I
    Christian Arens, SVP, Client Development and Strategy, Coegi

    Keynote Address: "Everything is Branding: The Expanding Influence of the CMO" - Salons F-I
    Alicia Hatch, Chief Marketing Officer, Deloitte Digital

    Insight Presentation: "Marketing is the New Product" - Salons F-I
    Michael Horn, Managing Director, Data Science, Huge

    Insight Presentation: "Delivering Value as an Agency Partner: The Bespoke Mindset" - Salons F-I
    Jenna Watson, VP, Digital Media, DAC Group

    Transition Break - West Foyer


    Workshop A: "Attribution Fraud – Are you getting gamed?" - Salons M-N
    Valter Sciarrillo, Head of Product Marketing, Ad Effectiveness, Quantcast
    Brought to you by: Quantcast

    Workshop B: "Marketing Attribution Success at Cars.com: A Brand, Agency and Vendor Perspective" - Salons J-L
    Manu Mathew, CEO & Co-Founder, Visual IQ
    Beth Bridenstine, Group Director, OMD
    Colleen Kay, Senior Manager, Acquisition Marketing, Cars.com
    Brought to you by: Visual IQ

    Transition Break - South Foyer

    Workshops (Repeated)

    Lunch (Boxed) - Sonoran Terrace

    Buyer Discussion Group (Agency Executives Only) - Camelback Patio

    A by-appointment networking program for buyers and sellers, during which each has an opportunity to participate in a series of 10-minute introductory meeting. - Sunshine Cholla
    Brought to you by: Grapeshot

    Free Time

    Recreation: Books to Bikes - Sonoran Terrace
    Brought to you by: Ad Supply

    Cocktail Reception - West Foyer

    iMedia Agency Awards & Dinner - Salons F-I

    Tuesday, December 6, 2016

    Breakfast (Agency Executives Only) - Salons M-N

    Sponsored Presentation (Agency Executives Only) - Salons M-N

    Seller Breakfast - Camelback Patio

    Lounge - North Foyer
    Brought to you by: Context Media Health

    Networking Break - West Foyer

    Welcome Back from iMedia - Salons F-I
    Christian Arens, SVP, Client Development and Strategy, Coegi

    Keynote Address: "How Agencies are Shifting from Using Analytics for Measurement to Data for Front End-Decision Making" - Salons F-I
    Amy Avery, Global Head of Analytics, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide

    Insight Presentation: "The Power of Frenemies: How to Unlock Performance by Getting Your Agencies and Partners to Love Each Other" - Salons F-I
    Joshua Palau, VP of Digital Strategy & Platforms, Bayer US

    Break - West Foyer

    Fireside Chat: "Getting to Data-Driven Consumer Experiences Through Machine Learning" - Salons F-I
    Ellen Foster, VP Strategy & Insight, Epsilon
    John Dubois, Co-Founder & CEO, Oculus360
    Moderated By: Richard McDonald, President, Epsilon

    Survey Presentation: "But How Do You Really Feel About Me? What Brands, Agencies and Sellers Think of Each Other" - Salons F-I
    Lynn Ingham, Principal, Digital Talent Guide
    Stephen Heitz, Managing Director, Interactive, Lavidge
    Carol Wolowic, Senior Manager, Media, Panera Bread
    Moderated By: Jim Nichols, VP-Marketing, Apsalar

    Lunch - Salons F-I

    Buyer Discussion Group - Salons F-I

    Native Advertising Best Practices
    Moderated By: Eugene Lee, EVP, Managing Director, CMI Media

    The Value of Video in 2017 and Beyond
    Moderated By: Adam Walden, President & Managing Director, Deep Focus

    Analytics: What is Necessity vs. Luxury?
    Moderated By: Mark Burr, SVP, General Manager, Piston Agency

    Closing Keynote: "Advice to My Former Agency Self" - Salons F-I
    Jeff Boron, VP, Digital Communications, PepsiCo

    Transition Break

    A by-appointment networking program for buyers and sellers, during which each has an opportunity to participate in a series of 10-minute introductory meeting. - Sunshine Cholla
    Brought to you by: Grapeshot

    Free Time

    Cocktail Reception - Salons F-I

    Dinner - Salons F-I

    Summit Ambassadors

    Event Sponsors

    • Bazaar Voice
    • Bionic Ads
    • Conversant
    • Hook Logic
    • Meredith Digital
    • Netbase
    • Research Now
    • Selligent
    • ViralGains
    • Quantcast
    • Visual IQ
    • Ad Supply
    • Collective
    • Context Media Health
    • Grapeshot
    • ibotta
    • Advertising Age
    • eMarketer
    • Business Wire (2)
    • IAB

    Learn more about our 2016 iMedia Agency Summit sponsors here.

    iMedia Summit attendees represent over $3 billion in digital marketing spend and hail from some of the biggest companies in the Fortune-500 and the agency world. High-value, customizable sponsorship opportunities are available, but won't last.

    For more information, please contact:
    Oscar Gardner, Sales Director
    [email protected]


    JW Marriott Camelback Inn
    JW Marriott Camelback Inn 5402 East Lincoln Drive
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85253

    +1 (480) 948-1700

    JW Marriott Camelback Inn, set on 125 acres of lush desert landscape, gives guests an authentic Southwestern experience. Nestled at the base of Mummy Mountain and overlooking the famous Camelback Mountain, this is a place where luxury comes naturally.