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Board of Advisors

  • Rod Strother

    Rod Strother

    VP - Digital Transformation


  • Geraldine Yip

    Geraldine Yip

    Head of Marketing, Asia, Financial & Risk

    Thomson Reuters

  • Weng Wai Koh

    Weng Wai Koh

    Head of Marketing Communications

    Singapore Press Holdings

  • Cassius Taylor-Smith

    Cassius Taylor-Smith

    Executive Director & Head

    Colliers International

  • Klemen Struc

    Klemen Struc



  • Yammie Huang

    Yammie Huang

    Digital & E-Commerce Manager

    Coty Luxury

  • James Hansford

    James Hansford

    eCommerce Manager

    Nespresso Singapore

  • Simon Kemp

    Simon Kemp

    Founder and CEO