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Venue and Travel

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The conference starts at 1pm on Monday 10 September, and finishes at 3pm on Wednesday 12 September.


Accommodation bookings for iMedia Brand Summit Australia, 10-12 September 2018 are handled and paid for by Comexposium and managed through our online registration process.

When your registration is confirmed you will have the opportunity to book your accommodation for the duration of the conference (10-18 September) and provide your credit card details. A hotel reservation will be made for you and guaranteed with your credit card. Your credit card will not be charged; it is requested so we can pre-registration you for a fuss free check-in experience on arrival.

Can I stay longer at a special rate?

Yes, the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort is offering you a special rate of AUS$259 per room per night, 3 day pre and post the conference. Your hotel booking is between you and the hotel, so check their terms and conditions. The hotel will charge you direct for any additional room nights and will charge upon check-out along with room incidentals. If you need to cancel your pre and post accommodation, you must do so direct with the hotel. If you would like to take advantage of this generous offer please contact the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, and quote our conference code ‘IMEDIA18’ to book your exclusive rate. Bookings open on 1 August 2018.

To book additional nights:
E: [email protected] 
T: 61 7 5577 0097   

Flight Information

All delegates are required to make their own flight bookings to and from the Gold Coast. We strongly urge you book your flights upon confirmation of your attendance.

We require all Brands to arrive on or before midday to register and attend the ‘Brands Only’ lunch at starting at 1pm.

We require all Networkers & Sponsors to arrive on or before 2pm to register and attend ‘Business Connect Meetings 3.45pm.

Getting to the Conference

Sheraton Mirage Resort is conveniently located towards the northern end of the Gold Coast. It is located 40 minutes north of Coolangatta (OOL) Airport and and 1 hour drive south from Brisbane.


Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Gold Coast is located 25 kilometres south of Coolangatta Airport (OOL) and 85 kilometres from Brisbane International Airport (BNE). The hotel concierge team are happy to arrange transportation by shuttle service, taxi, or private car to the resort.

View transportation options

To book transfers: Email [email protected] or call +61 7 5591 0894


Please email us.