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Call for Speakers

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We’re looking for outstanding case studies, panelists, keynotes for our conference, which provides ACTIONABLE INSIGHT to inform and inspire an audience of smart marketers and digital media professionals. Please feel free to submit your proposal at any time BEFORE the deadline of 15th July'19 to Shiney Eapen Each proposal will be carefully reviewed, but due to high volume we will not be able to respond to all submissions.
Only selected submissions will be notified. What to submit: You will need to include in your email the following items:
  • Executive bio
  • Submissions need to include a 100 word synopsis, session title & 3 main takeaways or insights – keynote, case study, or panel
  • A clear statement of what you did, the results you achieved, and how others could do the same
  • List of recent and confirmed upcoming speaking engagements
  • Video link of any speaking engagement
  • A description of the value of the presentation to the iMedia audience
Note : Please make sure that the speaker(s) you’re proposing is available from 31st July - 2nd August, 2019.