Jamie Clarke has climbed the Seven Summits, including four Everest attempts. He has ridden camels across The Empty Quarter of Arabia. And he has created two successful outdoor retail companies, firmly establishing him as an authority in the business of adventure and the adventure of business. Jamie’s upbeat perspectives from the roof of the world to the peaks of business success have made him a favorite with leading companies and organizations: IBM, Kraft, and the Wall Street Journal seek out his expertise on perseverance, leadership and teambuilding. Raised in the Canadian Rockies, Clarke was inspired by the outdoors at an early age. His first two attempts to summit Everest were cut short feet from the summit, due to deadly storms. Determined and dedicated, he reached the top in 1997 and 2010. Clarke is the CEO and co-founder of two successful enterprises; the Out There Adventure Centre and LiveOutThere.com, an e-com company that was ranked by Profit Guide as one of Canada’s 50 fastest-growing companies and nominated for a National Innovation Award by Canada Post. With high energy, humor and palpable passion, Clarke inspires audiences by channeling wild places to illuminate the challenges organizations and people face daily. Jamie offers deep insight and actionable strategy for success in business, academia or the most dynamic environment of all - family life.

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