Seasoned marketing leader with 17 years of experience in building brands and communication leading to solid impact on consumer and B2B businesses. Have led high performing teams across breadth of functions like marketing intelligence, marketing communications, digital marketing, retail marketing, brand activations, CRM and loyalty programs, media planning and sponsorships management.


The above of course is the relatively easier part of my life, being a mum to a 7-year-old boy has been by far the most challenging and complex assignment, that only gets more interesting by the day! It ensures I am always at the top of my game – physically, emotionally, intellectually as well as technologically.


Open and conscious about responsibly expressing myself socially on variety of topics. An avid reader and follower of tennis, I try to pack in as much as I can!


With me, what you see is what you get. I am always up to an honest and intellectually stimulating discussion on many of my passions, including consumers, brands, communication, parenting, politics, sports and any other issue of relevance and topicality.


My professional mantra has always been that the ‘what and how’ are equally important in anything I do, if ever I would need to make a choice between the two – I would perhaps prioritize the ‘how’.


I genuinely believe we as marketers are witnessing the most fascinating phase of our careers with the ever-dynamic consumer and brands landscape.  Gen Z is about to join the workforce soon and millennials are approaching 40, rules of the game need to be unlearnt and devised again. This is what perhaps keeps me going and makes me a better professional with each passing day.





Speaker At:

Data Agility

iMedia Brand Summit

iMedia Brand Summit Goa, India