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Keynote: The Social Listening Landscape

Tuesday 15 August | 8:45 AM - 9:20 AM | Tongkah 1

Brands that view social media as simply a broadcast platform are missing the value of social media as a listening and learning tool. Accordingly, marketers must put in place relevant technologies and practices to identify and assess what is being said about their company, product or brand across the internet.

Yet Social Listening is also just one piece of the pie. Marketers also need to amalgamate insight from surveys, analytics, NPS and CRM data - alongside Social Listening - so they have a comprehensive view of their customers and their needs. As StarHub’s Social Analytics Lead, Sakshi Prakash knows this better than most.

In her keynote session, Sakshi will share insight into how StarHub integrate social listening into their market research landscape so they can gather insight that enables them to evolve their business and create special moments in their customers lives.


speaking in this session:

Social Analytics Lead , StarHub