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Why Asia will lead the future growth of sports on mobile

Wednesday 16 August | 12:20 PM - 12:55 PM | Tongkah 1

Why Asia will lead the future growth of sports on mobile

ONE Championship is Asia’s largest sports media property in the history of Asia and broadcast to 118 countries and 1 billion viewers worldwid. It attracts some of the biggest brands in Asia as their partners: Disney, Marvel, Facebook, LG, Haier, Casio and Alienware to name a few. ONE was the first sport property in Asia for Facebook to partner with and is currently one of the highest engaged brands on Facebook Asia among ALL brands. Learn about what they are doing, what they did wrong, and where the future of mobile and sports in Asia is going.

About Victor Cui: In a ranking by USA TODAY, Victor Cui was the only person in Asian mixed martial arts (MMA) to be placed in the top 25 sports marketers, a testament to how far he, with the wits of a marketer has grown the sport in the continent in two short years. ONE Championship (ONE), Asia’s largest MMA promotor, has continued to receive phenomenal media coverage around the world from leading publications such as CNN, Wall street journal, Reuters, New York Times.

speaking in this session:

CEO , One Championship