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Marketing is Sick. A diagnostic and Treatment Plan

Friday 22 June | 8:55 AM - 9:30 AM | The Terraces

We’re living in amazing times. New technologies are transforming the way consumers consume and creating massive opportunities and threats to existing businesses. The rate of change can be dizzying, particularly for consumers trying to keep up with the times.

The role of brands in helping them navigate their way through has never been as important as it is today.

However, marketing and marketers seem to have lost their way. CMO tenure has never been shorter (currently the shortest of all roles in US C-suites), and every day we hear stories of brands failing to deliver on the promises their advertising makes.

The digital revolution has put consumers where they should be - in charge. Marketers must rapidly evolve and adapt to not only ensure that we’re understanding what consumers need and want - but crucially that we’re able to deliver it.

Gone are the days of simply communicating our way to success. An enticing ad simply won’t cut it. Marketing today requires a whole new mindset, skill base and approach and it seems that this memo has not been received by all.

In this talk, Ben Rose sets out to deliver a ten-step plan to get the health of our profession back on track.


speaking in this session:

General Manager - Direct & Partnerships , nib New Zealand