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Impact Matters - How do you gain the competitive edge in your next Presentation?

Tuesday 11 September | 10:30 AM - 10:55 AM | Breakout Room # 4



With the perfect mix of Storytelling, Visual Communication, and Presentation Skills. In today’s marketplace it’s increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself. Marketing experts suggest clear winners find innovative ways of communicating. Sounds simple enough – but what if you’re not an award-winning communication expert with your finger on the pulse?

You don’t have to be; Emma Bannister is. Presentation Studio Founder and CEO, with over 20 years' experience in visual communication strategy. Her team has helped clients across Asia Pacific win multi-million-dollar pitches – companies like Telstra, Yahoo!7, EY, Microsoft, VISA and Qantas. Presentation Studio’s innovative approach to integrating story and visual design transforms lacklustre presentations into engaging, powerful and successful communication tools.


  • Insight into market leaders’ communication strategies
  • Essential components of presentations
  • Practical ways to differentiate and stand out

Perfect for:

  • Managers and Executives who write and deliver presentations
  • Pre-conference / roadshow preparation workshops
  • Conference breakout training sessions

Success Measure:

  • Outcome based
  • Practical tools and physical tips
  • Latest presentation skills




speaking in this session:

Founder & CEO , presentation studio