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Networker Sessions

Monday 12 February | 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Even if you have achieved extraordinary success – there is always more to learn. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with and be inspired by like-minded leaders. Kicking off with lunch, this intimate working session is a must-attend crash course to help you succeed at iMedia and beyond.  We promise you will leave inspired, energized and with a clear line of sight into maximizing your results and ready to unleash your inner sales hero.



Successful Coaching

Exhibition and Networking

Hiring and retention

Creating a path


Getting (And Keeping) a Fortune 500 Client

When buyers get 15 rep calls and 25 emails per day, there's no way they can spend time with everyone who wants their attention. How do you break through and land the elephant? Join us in this session to hear directly from brand marketers on how to get the opportunity to make your pitch and what they are looking for in partners once you do. 

speaking in this session:

Manager, Online Media , Universal Studios


Vice President, US B2B Digital Marketing , MasterCard


VP Brand Experience , Eileen Fisher


Founder, CEO , Lamp Partners