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How to beat your competitors by driving and converting mobile traffic in 2018

Tuesday 11 September | 11:30 AM - 11:55 AM | Sheraton Grand Ballroom


Mez from OMG will share his proven process of attracting online traffic to your website. His method is so highly regarded that the AU government that funded a RnD project to validate his findings.  Based on countless case studies and millions of users, Mez will share how he is smashing traffic records for online retailers.

Once traffic lands on a site, it needs to convert into a sale or lead. This is where Matt will uncover the key A/B and Personalisation tactics which have added over $120 Million of revenue his clients in the past year. Focusing on mobile, Matt will unpack the CRO process which is now being adopted as the global standard way of optimising the conversion rate.

speaking in this session:

Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships , Online Marketing Gurus


Founder & Conversion Optimisation Specialist , Conversion Kings