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The Ever-Changing World of Video in 2018

Tuesday 11 September | 11:30 AM - 11:55 AM | Breakout Room # 4


Again, 2018 will be the year of the video (according to the Content Marketing Institute). In this session we delve into the emerging trends for video production in 2018 diving into growing, developing and emerging technologies in interactive video, VR, 360 and personal technologies and how to leverage a global, cloud based production partner to stay ahead of the curve.

90 Seconds strips back the complexity of video production, giving brands and agencies access to a marketplace of creatives, and an automated, end-to-end suite of workflow tools. The 90 Seconds marketplace enables flexible and easy discovery of more than 16,000 video creative professionals in over 110 countries across 40 categories including videographers, directors, editors, producers, animators, drone operators, photographers and many more.

speaking in this session:

Success Manager , 90 Seconds