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How to take your brand to the next level with Performance Marketing! Insider tips with THE ICONIC, Chemist Warehouse & Coles Liquor

Wednesday 12 September | 11:25 AM - 11:55 AM | Sheraton Grand Ballroom

Fantastic opportunity to listen and learn from Australia’s most talented performance marketers. Find out how THE ICONIC is dealing with the threat from Amazon, how Chemist Warehouse continues to thrive in a super competitive market and learn some inside strategies on how Coles Liquor gets the most out of every marketing dollar spent!

If you’re a brand marketer or an inspiring digital marketer hoping to learn from the best, come join us for some valuable tips and insights from these great brands. Be sure to come prepared with some questions as we will have some quality time from the audience to have your questions answered from these great panellists. Not to be missed!

speaking in this session:

Director Australia & New Zealand , Productsup


Head of Performance Marketing , THE ICONIC


Martech Optimisation Manager , Coles Liquor


Digital Performance and Experience Manager , Chemist Warehouse Group