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Great branding starts at home. So, is your house in order?

Wednesday 12 September | 10:50 AM - 11:20 AM

In a business world where it’s all about new technology, more sophisticated data and tighter margins, are we making enough time to nurture our greatest asset? Yep, I’m talking about people. Our people. Our people are our brands. They are what make us, us. If they don’t understand who your organisation is and why it exists, if they don’t buy into your purpose, it they can’t talk about it, then the best marketing systems and campaigns in the world aren’t going to be enough.

At HESTA, our Marketing and People teams are structured together under a single Executive. So, the same team who are making decisions about how we best serve our members, are also making decisions about how we best attract, engage and retain the right people to do it.

In this session, Anita will show how the HESTA brand strategy and purpose is bringing people together and how having Marketing and People as one team is building stronger brand experiences for HESTA employees, partners and members.

speaking in this session:

General Manager - Brand & Communications , Hesta