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Predatory Positioning – how to strike at the weakness that arises from your competitor’s greatest strength

Tuesday 11 September | 10:30 AM - 10:55 AM | Sheraton Grand Ballroom

This session will show you how to extract more ROI from your brand without spending another cent!

Today, customer acquisition is a zero-sum game in most categories; wallet size is limited and you need a piece of the action at the expense of your competitors’ loss. You need a strong predatory positioning that arms you against your competitors’ greatest strength to inflict the greatest damage and make a response difficult.

In this session, you'll discover how to put a new lens of science and strategic thinking into all your brand touchpoints, and how to win with a powerful brand message in today's hyper-competitive and complex communications age.

Come listen for a chance to WIN a fun, strategic team building experience for your brand.

speaking in this session:

Founding Partner , Step Change