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How to Win Google’s Love and Influence Customers

Thursday 25 July | 11:30 AM - 11:55 AM | The Terraces

Want a loving, fruitful relationship with Google? Learn to ask the right questions to gain Google’s trust and support - and walk out knowing how to gain both organic and paid ranking positions in the results for the world’s biggest search engine.

The Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) is the first contact that many potential clients will see of your brand. 84% of NZ consumers research online before buying any product or service - with 91% then buying in store, and 9% online. In New Zealand, 96% of that research begins with a Google search. Google then does what it does best and serves up a highly relevant Search Results Page (SERP) for that search.

At a rate of serving up SERPs 5.6 billion times a day, Google knows exactly what it wants.

Remember the good ol days when the SERP was 10 simple blue links? Not today, it’s now a very complex beastie and it has become harder and harder to ensure great representation for your brand.

Understand SERP features with this masterclass – and get ready to deliver an experience that your customers and Google will adore.

We’ll delve into over 20 SERP aspects including featured snippets, local packs, shopping ads, knowledge graphs, site links, and much more. You’ll learn about the unique advantages of these aspects and how to get your brand featured for them. Our discussion will also include Voice Search and Video, which have a massive, rising influence on SERPs.

I’ll be covering a shedload and will be giving out loads of answers on the way – come with all your questions and I’ll see you there!

speaking in this session:

General Manager , Search Republic