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Next generation CX model for the digital world

Thursday 25 July | 12:00 PM - 12:35 PM | The Terraces

Experience-led businesses already realised CX as the battleground of future growth. If you haven’t started, you’re already well behind.  87% of companies (Forrester, 2018) agree that traditional experiences are no longer enough to satisfy customers.

With the oceans of data and the complexity of systems, it can be easy to drown in planning and never ‘ship' an experience. Equally it’s a strong allure to try build the next Uber experience. Both can land you no-where quick. Plenty of cash tipped into endless holes without a business outcome on the horizon. A quick ‘journey' to a short career.

Fisher Funds found the ‘just right’ roadmap. Not too complex and certainly not too traditional. The right amounts of insight and data, world-class creative thinking all combined with the right marketing and ad tech that fit current state maturity but could also support customer experience at scale. All providing a great experience, real business impact and in turn the confidence of the CEO and Board.

It won’t happen overnight. And in fact it can be quite painful reappraising all aspects of marketing including people, process and technology. But its the only way.

Marcus Wild the CMO from Fisher Funds will take you on how he reshaped a financial services companies from no engagement to a successful measured impact through a focus on customer experience

speaking in this session:

Chief Marketing Officer , Fisher Funds