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Get over yourself. AI is not here to take your job

Friday 26 July | 11:45 AM - 12:20 PM | The Terraces

Many professionals feel threatened by AI - they worry it will make their roles redundant. But for marketers, AI technology is not here to steal our jobs - it’s here to augment them. When it comes to building valuable customer relationships, brands are turning to AI marketing technology like Albert (distributed exclusively in ANZ by Marketics) to help support and enable a seamless customer experience. Marketers must always remember the basics of their craft, which is to connect and 'move' customers to action. Robots might bring the IQ, but we need humans to bring the EQ - and brands need both to deliver an optimal customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence opens up a world of untapped opportunity that can only be discovered by thinking differently and acting immediately. Marketing is, and always will be, about the creative output that influences an emotional connection with the customer. Truth is, a meaningful customer experience simply cannot be replicated by machines.

speaking in this session:

GM, B2B division , Big Red Group (BRG)