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Facebook ad strategies that won't fail


There are three things that currently stand in the way of brands executing successful Facebook campaigns. Read on to make sure you stay on target.

Facebook advertising strategies can still confound many marketers, and in order to successfully tap into the enormous potential of this platform, GraphEffect's VP of sales, David Pollet, encourages marketers to understand the obstacles, the benefits, and settle on a solid strategic game plan with the support of a sophisticated technology provider.


During his Spotlight presentation at the iMedia Brand Summit, Pollet partnered with Warren Pattison, director of digital marketing for Udi's Gluten Free Foods, to outline some of the fast and sure ways brands can get lasting value out of Facebook.

GraphEffect provides brands and agencies with customized reporting and detailed analytics for insight into how they are performing on Facebook. Through API-enabled tools like the GraphEffect real-time reporting dashboard, brands can measure success, create word-of-mouth marketing campaigns at scale, and achieve maximum media optimization, customer insight, and story management.

According to Pollet, there are three things that currently stand in the way of brands executing successful Facebook campaigns:

  • Scale -- the ability to scale campaigns as needed
  • Visibility -- readily identify what people are doing on Facebook with no lag time
  • KPIs -- how to look into engagement successes and failures on a deep and honest level

So how do you accomplish that when so many brands lack social media coordination and the savvy to unlock the influential power of the social graph? A few pointers Pollet made include:

  • Success in social marketing depends on cross-discipline collaboration
  • In Facebook advertising, audiences and messages fatigue quickly
  • The power of social media is in word-of-mouth marketing

In the case of Udi's Gluten Free Foods, with the help of GraphEffect's social marketing platform, the company increased its fan base by 400 percent within the last four months by focusing on sponsored stories, social reading and listening, and paid, owned, and earned media. In 2001, the brand was nominated for a Facebook Studio Award, it has more engaged fans than website visitors, and it is currently co-developing a best practices manual with Facebook.

According to GraphEffect, it accomplished this for Udi's Gluten Free Foods as well as other clients such as 1-800 Flowers, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and TruTV, to name just a few, by helping them identify their ideal customers on Facebook and then leverage the GraphEffect audience recommendation engine to find similar audiences at scale. This process enables advertisers to run constantly evolving campaigns that dynamically change targeting to deliver the right message to the right people.

GraphEffect's audience recommendation engine, powered by the Facebook Ads API, is core to every campaign it champions. According to the company, this unique feature allows GraphEffect to deliver ads to the desired audiences and optimize marketplace ads to ensure positive ROI. Additionally, this technology helps companies identify people on Facebook who have certain and specific interests but may not have listed them in their profiles.

"The idea behind our approach is that Facebook is about people and stories. This is why our software was developed to identify the ideal audiences and messaging that creates an environment for viral growth at a massive scale." -- James Borow, CEO, GraphEffect

Gretchen Hyman is editor-in-chief of iMedia Connection.

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